Rusty Taco – Greenville Ave

ImageWell it’s another dreary day in Dallas, Tx and as always, I was in dire need of some tacos. If you somehow missed the enormous sign above, it was a Rusty Taco day for me. I walked in the doors a little after eleven, so the lunch-time rush hadn’t yet flooded the place. I was tempted to go for some breakfast tacos, which Rusty serves all day , but decided on some lunch tacos instead.

Fried Chicken TacoI started things off with their Fried Chicken Taco, and as a fried chicken fanatic (believe me, I’m crazy for chicken fingers), I was delighted. The taco comes with fried chicken, cole slaw, homemade jalapeño ranch dressing and a lime. I typically say I’m not a fan of cole slaw, but it works really well here, especially with the ranch dressing, that’s what really makes it. It’s basically a spiced up chicken caesar salad in a taco — super tasty.

Black Bean As I mentioned in my first post about Taco Diner, I’m not typically a black bean taco person, but for the sake of variety in the blog I’ll order them from time to time. Unfortunately this one left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Unlike Taco Diner where the flavor comes from the beans, all I could taste was the cotija cheese, which was overwhelming in my opinion.

Rusty Taco

Then I finished things off with none other than…wait for it… THE Rusty Taco. Their signature is filled with achiote marinated shredded pork, topped with shredded onion, cilantro and pineapple. It only takes one bite to understand how juicy the shredded pork is. Honestly, it drips all onto your plate with each bite, but if anything, that only reassures you of the quality of the meat. Hands down, this was the best taco I had at Rusty, as it should be, since its their signature. I strongly recommend this to anyone hungry for a great taco and can’t imagine how it might leave you disappointed.

SaucesThere are also bottles of different sauces throughout the restaurant for anyone to use. In order of increasing “hotness”, they go: red, which is a typical salso, green, which is a tomatillo sauce, and then orange, which I believe to be habañero based. Anyways, they’re all good in their own respects and I encourage you to use them.

Taco Quote

Bottom line: Rusty Taco is a great taco joint. I’ve been several times before and have never had an unpleasant experience until I had the black bean taco, so I’d simply suggest staying away from that one. Other than that, their tacos are packed with flavor and their sides are tasty too. Thanks for reading, come back next week and definitely don’t miss out on the Rusty Taco!


4 responses to “Rusty Taco – Greenville Ave

  1. I was hoping that you would do a post on rusty’s, and am glad you did. But I will say that if your going to edit some of the pictures but not all of them it doesn’t look as good as all of them done one way or the other.

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